Module Za Multilevel sidebar menu

  • Module Za Multilevel sidebar menu
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  • Za Multilevel Sisebar menu Joomla 2.5 - 3 module is cross-browser allowing endless nesting of navigation elements, could be quite useful for menus with lots of content (like navigations of online stores). The result is a “push” menu that can (theoretically) contain infinite nested sub-menus. When opening a sub-level, the whole navigation pushes the content more, allowing a slice of the parent menu to be visible. The ability to use icon-fonts.


    • Joomla! 2.5, 3.x Native
    • Cross-browser compatibility: Chrome, Midori, Firefox, Safari, IE8+, Opera, Android Browser, iOS Safari
    • Support all mobile and tablet devices
    • The ability to use Google fonts, there is more than 650 font families
    • The ability to use icon-fonts
    • Select the menu
    • Multi-level menu support
    • Endless nesting of navigation elements
    • Expand/Collapse navigation
    • Push/Slide DOM elements of choice
    • Menu sliding mode: overlap/cover
    • Flexible, simple markup
    • Option to controls color menu button
    • Option to controls background border menu
    • Option to controls color font and icon-font
    • Option to controls font and icon-font size
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